Wild Hare Kitchen & Garden Emporium
     Wild Hare Kitchen & Garden Emporium 
Tomazin Farm
Rest Haven Farms Tomatoes: Geneva, Florida

Good, Clean, Fair Local Food

Raw Milk

Local, Raw Grass-Fed Dairy Products

Welcome to Wild Hare Kitchen & Garden Emporium

Wild Hare Kitchen and Garden Emporium is a Farm Market located smack dab in the middle of Central Florida, in historic Longwood.  

With a wide range of products, Wild Hare expects to knock your socks off with gorgeous produce and local items procured for your one stop shopping.

Among the items available are: Raw Milk, Raw Butter, Raw Yogurt, Kefir, Kefir Grains, Kombucha, Lacto-Fermented Products, Pasture Raised Eggs, 100% grass-Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Chicken, Rabbit, Pickles and Jams, Homemade soaps, Natural Dog Treats, Essential Oils, Garden Seeds, Garden Plants, Tower Gardens, Locally Roasted Coffee, Teas, Herbs, Sprouting Seeds, and more.


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